From network to cloud to device, technology is shaping the future of connectivity. Tomorrow’s enterprise services and customer products are being driven by 5G experiences. And to be future-ready —what it’ll take to stay ahead—is network agility and scalability.



通过诸如网络函数虚拟化(NFV)等技术,网络转换将使通信服务提供商(COSP)能够满足未来服务的带宽密集型要求,例如增强现实(AR),3D游戏和全息投影视频。虽然在YouTube*和Amazon* Prime驱动器商品带宽之类的顶部(OTT)服务上存在,但它们并没有增加每位用户(ARPU)COSPS的平均收入。

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Crunching big data in a cloud era requires breakthrough performance levels in handling memory-intensive workloads and virtual machine density. A new breed of Intel®Xeon®可扩展处理器和英特尔®Optane™️ DC persistent memory modules handle the challenge on the fly. This enables communication service providers (CoSPs) to accelerate IT transformation, with faster-than-ever-before analytics, cloud services, and next-generation communication services.

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