• Faisal Siddiqui
          Faisal Siddiqui President, HTC South Asia

          This is what smartphones in future will be like

          最不可或缺的一部分,我们的日常生活中,smartphone, will be more integrated into our lives as we get engulfed in a smartphone surround era. From shopping to dinner, socializing to holidays, smartphones help us in all tasks. And that list has continued to increase every year. 2017 and coming years will be yet more upgrades and leaps in smartphones. Batteries will run longer, processors will work faster, cameras will capture more and screens will be smarter & stronger. That will be inRead more..

          23 Jan 2017
        • Gulveen Aulakh
          Gulveen Aulakh Journalist, Economic Times

          Handset brands should look beyond their 'selfies'

          In the last few weeks, there hasn't been a single major launch that does not have the word selfie or selfie camera attached in the communication to consumers. Oppo, camera smartphone with dual front cameras for group and individual selfies. Gionee, with a front flash and camera, showcased by Alia Bhatt. Tecno, yet again with front camera, flash and ambient flash from the screen. And yesterday, Vivo with a massive 20 MP front camera in the V5s. To me, this shows two fundamental trends. One,Read more..

          28 Apr 2017