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kunal chaudhary
kunal chaudhary 伙伴,印度 Kunal Chaudhary是Ey印度的合作伙伴。
  • PLI for the telecom sector: A much-needed impetus to boost manufacturing

    The Department of Telecom granted approvals to eligible applicants under the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme for the telecom & networking products. In total 31 applicants were approved comprising of 7 global companies, 8 domestic companies and 16 MSMEs. This encouraging response was a result of focussed efforts put in by the Government in re-designing the scheme basis extensive consultation and inputs from the Industry players and subject matter experts. It is expected that the阅读更多..

    52 days ago
  • 解密电信PLI方案

    政府批准了2月2021年2月2021年2月2021年电信和网络设备的生产联系激励(PLI)计划,总预算的INR 12,195卢比。该计划的功能准则由电信部(DOT)于2021年7月3日通知,允许制造商的申请。在线应用程序门户网站也为公司注册的公司运营。我们查看指南和休息的显着特征阅读更多..