TV Ramachandran
TV Ramachandran 宽带印度论坛总裁 TV Ramachandran is the President, Broadband India Forum.
  • Indian satellite broadband & digital services fully poised for lift-off

    在过去的二十年中,在过去的二十年中,在过去的十八个月中见证了这一点,这将不会夸张。在5月20日,佩尔布尔金融部长在5月20日推动歌手后,没有停止剑兰宣布,政府历史宣布决心加强该部门的私有化和自由化,作为经济刺激计划的一部分。从那个时间点,强壮而稳定Read more..

  • Satellite spectrum issue getting "curiouser and curiouser"

    在激烈的辩论中肆虐卫星是否应该拍卖,媒体报道现在通过报告将更多的香料增加到热门主体,即该部门正在考虑再次参加最高法院,以便他们在此事中应采取的建议。这种猜测真的很棒,令人困惑。它不仅仅是卫星谱没有世界上的任何地方拍卖,或者是Satcom运营商之间的共同商品(与...不同Read more..

  • 利用SATCOM推动移动和WiFi回程

    奥斯卡王尔德必须一直在考虑我们当前的一天挑战,当他感到沮丧时,这是一个非常悲伤的事情,现在有很多无用的信息。我们确实面临着一个有史以来的洪水的数据,以及我们是否喜欢与否,大多数是非常有价值的,必须被捕获,携带或重新加工到加工中心,以提取其中的价值.Backhaul是一个关键的网络元素:移动电信是两者中的首选通信模式Read more..

    136 days ago
  • 印度的德but in 5G delayed? A contrarian view

    Indias 5G试验最终宣布 - 自政府高级论坛为5G 2020年8月颁布的近3年以来,在2018年8月发布报告,并建议同样。预计,我们的反对者的旅正在表达担忧和繁殖,即所有的数字野心都会丢失。我们真诚地相信,这些担忧和预言是对情况和机遇的事实分析的基础不正确和误导。我们的目标有一个替代途径.NORead more..

    163 days ago
  • Broadband boost: The V-Band opportunity

    A raging debate on the use of E&V bands has surrounded the Digital Communications sector of late. While these two bands are most often referred to in the same breath, the fact is that V band (57-64 GHz) possesses certain unique propagation characteristics, which necessitates that it be treated differently from other millimetric spectrum bands. Since 86% of the lower end of the V band suffers from oxygen molecular absorption, it is not as useful for mobile backhaul that is needed to propagateRead more..

  • agr:政府和电信行业需要解决和解

    As 2019 comes to a close, it's interesting to look back and see how the IT and Telecom industry changed, not only in the evolution of individual tech concepts like artificial intelligence, 5G and cloud computing, but also how they continue to reshape the technology, economic and social landscape of this country, thereby affecting businesses, our jobs and our lives.Of the things that stood out in technology, was the mainstreaming of AI, automation and Big Data analytics. Mainstream companies andRead more..

  • Cellphone radiation: Dangers of mobile protection

    India has over a billion cellphones and about 400,000 towers, with an approximate average of two sets of antennae per tower, radiating extremely low energy non-ionising electromagnetic fields (EMF). The common man incorrectly equates this mobile EMF, which is millions of times weaker than hi-energy ionising radiation like X-rays, gamma rays as harmful radiation. However, ignorant sections of the public get scared or concerned by the prospect of exposure to even this weakest of radiationRead more..

  • 电信扮演如何在印度挑战

    管理Gurus律师,运行企业类似于玩游戏。通过播放复杂游戏的技术,最有效地教授复杂管理问题的解决方案。然而,无论是游戏的复杂性,总是有明确的规则,可以播放游戏。喜欢由米尔顿弗里德曼举办的,业务的唯一社会责任是利用其资源,并从事旨在增加其利润的活动。只要它留在内Read more..